Cooler nurseries than mine

I love this nursery tour from Oh Dee Doh. I wish it were mine. It’s simple and modern but they did it on a decent budget (I’m a sucker for a bargain) and found a lot of stuff at ikea and walmart. I’m actually pretty certain about purchasing their same crib from walmart (although jared thinks walmart is the devil so let’s pretend it’s from target). I also love their mobile and the more I look at mine I made the more I dislike it. I’m thinking about cutting out some fish or perhaps some sheep and trying the mobile making again.


Did you know that walmart’s gross sales have reached 1 billion dollars a day?I just joined a CSA for the summer- I’m excited to try to move towards exclusively local and fair trade shopping.break free of corporate control:

love that there are so many choices that are cool these days. in MY day, we had jc penny and kmart and they both sucked. things are looking way up in the baby industry. love the mobile

our ceiling are high too. we bought a hook that screws into the ceiling at home depot and then hang the mobile with string from the hook.

I often wonder how do they hang it? Our ceiling is really high and I can´t simply reach it…Fish are classic, what about some more peculiar animals? 🙂

i like your nursery. but that fish mobile is cute. i think i might copy it using black foam and google eyes.

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