Cheap mistake

In an effort to avoid exorbitant salon prices, I attempted to dye my hair out of a box. Even though I kind of knew it wasn’t a good idea, the pretty blonde hair on the package looked oh so tempting. Well, I should have trusted my instincts. My hair sure is lighter… but also redish. When Jared came home from lunch he said, nicely, that he liked it better before- roots and all. Now I’ll have to pay the exorbitant salon prices to get it fixed + $10 for the box color + embarrassment of walking around with red-ish roots and blonde ends until then. Being cheap doesn’t always pay off I guess; and no, I’m not posting a picture. Use your imagination.


I confess I am probably from the Middle Ages..but at the age of 53, I still have never dyed my hair.. I’m the only girl I know who has never dyed her hair..and I’m surrounded by 8th graders who’ve ALL dyed their hair, actually, the boys all do it, too…. Is there something wrong with me? ………………………………….. P.S. I can’t understand why you girls with beautiful natural blonde hair would ever mess with that…

hey- brassy blond is the new look. embrace it and get a pushup bra and you are IN!!

Hi, Liz. My name is Laura. I’m in your parents’/Stanleys’/Blairs’ ward and I’ve been lurking for a while, but I decided to come out of hiding since I might be able to help.My sister lives in Layton and she does hair and she’s especially good at color. And she doesn’t charge like a salon. I mean, it’ll cost more than $10, but less than a salon.If you want her info, email me: elevenelephants-at-gmail-dot-com

I dyed my hair out the box about a month ago and it actually turned out great! A girl from my floor did it for me, though, and I think that’s what made all the difference. Apparently if you keep it in too long that’s what turns the roots red. It happened to me, but not drastically.

Whatever Liz…that imagination pic is so hot!Good luck…I also had my hair ruined & it took a good two year to fix. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Oh my gosh liz, oh no, why didn’t you call me first!? It seriously took me TWO years and about TEN visits to a salon to get rid of the remnants of a bad home dye job. And yes, I swear to you, two years of bad hair. Get yourself to a GOOD salon and fast. I think you should have them dye the whole thing back to your natural color and then put highlights in.

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