A technical trip report

Well, technically we did drive down to the San Rafael Swell. We did, technically, hike around and set up a tent. We did all, technically, sleep. But all this was done by about 4pm when I then became violently ill and so we cut our losses and headed home, stopping every hour or so for me to puke on the side of the road (should I have spared you those details?). The trip was a bust but it was still kind of fun to take a long Saturday nap in a tent in such beautiful country with a beautiful baby boy.
Here are a couple pictures in front of our tent, where we napped and then headed home

Look how gorgeous it is there! I couldn’t even enjoy it, I was so sick


feeling a little better. jared’s starting to feel sick though now

oh man, i’ve had the stomach bug too. it was only a couple days for me. are you feeling better?

that is why you should never, EVER, sleep in a tent. or THINK bout sleeping in a tent. but i know from stalking you that you guys are hardcore.

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