Sunny skiing

Enjoying the view from the chair lift

The snow storm outside makes the beautiful sunny day yesterday seem like just a dream. Mardi and I went skiing. We each took turns staying with Hank in the ski lodge and ended up each skiing about half a day, which was perfect for me. We shared a lift pass (don’t tell!) and all our ski gear. It was awesome. It made me happy to be skiing again on a beautiful sunny day (I’m kind of a fair weather skier), even though I was skiing alone.
Anyone else want to ski with Hank and I? If we had a group of more than three we could always have a partner to ski with 🙂

Hank relaxing in the ski lodge


you rock (and so does your friend)! i’ll be your skiing partner if you don’t mind running after stellie while holding hank!

this was my dream, to learn how to be a mom with snowboard friends that could help me make it work. i imagined trading kids certain days and having a season pass and various new friends to board with once a week. but no- we lived in NY and no such luck.good for you for not slowing down in life!!! Awesome fun!!!

dan and i go skiing every thursday morning. we have a babysitter though. if you could get a babysitter we would love to have you along. we have passes but you can buy individual lift rides. my 3 kids in a lodge would be a disaster.

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