This weekend Jared and I went snowshoeing with Hank up in the hills above the Avenues by City Creek Canyon. It was so much fun, and a perfect day to take a hike in the snow. Hank slept through most of the hike in my front pack with some occasional drools (and a cute red nose from the chill) but I think one day he’ll like snowshoeing a lot.

Here is Hank bundled up for the cold weather

Hank nestled in the front pack

A view of the valley from the top


Snow shoeing is exactly what I wish I was doing right now. We took Abigail snow shoeing when she was tiny like Hank. She loved it also. Hank is really a BEAUTIFUL baby. Some babies aren’t that cute when they are born, but Hank was exceptional.

Henry looks SO cute right now! I see you are exposing him early to the great outdoors, grooming him to follow in his parents’ outdoorsy footsteps!

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