Sleeping through the night

*Hank in his skull cap

Last night 12 week old Henry slept for 8 hours straight from 9:30pm to 5:30am! I hope this is the start of a wonderful new trend. I’ve been thinking today what I could have possibly done to deserve this great gift and so I’m planning on recreating yesterday, today, in hopes of getting the same result tonight. This will involve:
1. Letting Henry take a four hour nap in his car seat in the middle of the day
2. consuming 2 diet cokes
3. Spending time outside, walking up city creek canyon in the late afternoon
4. eating leftovers for lunch and dinner
5. playing with him after every feeding (which means shaking toys in his face as he looks away)
6. Giving Henry a pumped bottle before putting him down at 9pm
7. Leaving for the gym after the pumped bottle and reminding Jared to not ‘love him’ when he starts crying but only to give him the binkie after 10 minutes of crying and walk out of his room.
8. Suspicions regarding Jared’s ability to follow instructions in #7 because he’s a total softie

*Susan made Hank that cap that he’s wearing. She’s amazing. It look her 20 minutes and the inside is super soft.


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