Running schedule

I’m training to do a 10k in May to help me get back into shape. I’m going to post my training schedule here so you can all help me be accountable. I’ll try to update you each week on my progress. I started a month ago walking 5 minutes, running 5 for 30 minutes. Then each week I’ve been decreasing the walking time by a minute and adding that to the running. This past week I ended at 3 minute walk, 7 minute run for 35 minutes. I have 12 weeks until my 10k.
Here’s where I’m planning to go from here:

this week (week 1): walk 2, run 8 min for 35 min 4x/wk
week 2: run 1 mile, walk 2 minutes for 3 miles 4x/wk
week 3: run 2.5 miles 4x/ wk
week 4: run 3 miles 4x/wk
week 5: run 3 miles 4x/wk increased pace
week 6: run 3.5 4x/wk
week 7: run 3.5 4x/wk increased pace
week 8: run 4 miles 4x/wk
week 9: run 4 miles 4x/wk increased pace
week 10: run 5 miles 4x/wk
week 11: run 5 miles 4x/wk increased pace
week 12: run 4 miles 2x/wk
10k : May 17th

Today was my first time doing 2 minute walk, 8 minute run for 35 minutes. It was hard. I only did 30 minutes with a 3 minute cool down instead of 35.


Good for you, Liz! I’m so impressed you’re motivated to run so soon after having a baby.

susan, deal! (either trading babies or getting a jogging stroller)

Liz, we should trade babies for some running. Although, I am still holding out for another jogger so that we can run together.

Good for you! I’m training for (and of course blogging about) a June 1 half-marathon right now, and I’m not really much of a runner. I’m using a training schedule from a book called Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Half Marathon Training but they also have training protocols for 5K and 10K races. I think it’s a great book, you may want to take a look at it or something like it at your local library or bookstore for more training ideas. Way to go you!

Great schedule Liz, you will get back into shape soon.You should make sure you get in a few longer runs. A 10k is 6 miles and you dont have 6 miles on your schedule. It is always good to train a little farther than you will actually compete. When I was training for 5k’s we would run anywhere from 6-10 miles for a workout. I know you are an athlete and can do it, but it is definitely harder after a baby.Good Luck, we are excited to see you this weekend

it is hard. i’m doing the moab half marathon in two weeks. 3 kids (not in school) and winter make it harder. so i’m on the run-on-the-treadmill-until-all-3-kids-are-crying twice a week program. i think i’ll get a good time.

oh i forgot to mention the part about how i try to go to the gym in the evenings, when jared is home from work (and when hank is the fussiest. ha ha). it’s hard though, jared always gives me a little bit of a guilt trip for not hanging out with him all evening.

Oh I’m so copying you. I’ve always wanted to be a runner but don’t really have the endurance for it. By the way, you may or may not have seen a comment I left (not sure which post) but I know you from NY. I was good friends (still am) with Kami (from Manhattan)and Summer(from Scardale) do you remember me? from the Bronx. Either way, love your blog and your little Henry is darling.

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