Revealing Photos

Dear Mom,
I know you are proud of your daughter Becca and her decision to go to a wholesome Mormon school out in Utah. However, after scrolling through a few of the 1000+ photos I found on her public facebook page, I’ve started to piece together a somewhat disturbing picture of what her life is really like at this conservative religious school. (PS If you’re gonna put it on your public facebook page, prepare to be exposed, Missy)

Unabashed and desperate flirtation….

(which led to…..) Aggressive and inappropriate wrestling with otherwise wholesome church going young men

A complete disregard for ladylike table manners

Consumption of alcoholic beverages

Drunkenness (as evident in her inability to locate the mattress in her room)
Complete sleep deprivation
Pigsty living conditions

This wholesome young woman is acting like a complete degenerate. Now what about her dancing partner….

…. Wow. I immediately regret cropping and enlarging that picture


Becca…BUSTED! I loved this. And I figured she was living on the edge down there in Provo.

Hahaha…indeed, said religious school is a veritable hotbed of inapproriateness. I, too, am glad the digital age had not fully descended upon the college world whilst I was attending. My parents most certainly would have had to respond as Betsy has (a most appropriate one, may I add).

Becca, I’m ashamed of YOU. We’re bringing you home right away! Mom

Becca: EXPOSED!!! You have yet to account for this past Friday night between the hours of 2:00 and 6:00 a.m. . . . tramping around a graveyard in SLC. ..

brooke, yes i’m glad we were at byu before the digital age….

Oh Liz, I only wish they had facebook when WE were at BYU. I am sure I could come up with a few incriminating pictures.

IN MY DEFENSE:1. My friends and I were going to a Rascal Flatts concert junior year and we thought the poster was cute.2. Matt stole my necklace (the sister locket no less) and I was trying to get it back.3. Bobbing for apples on Halloween.4. Martinellis at a birthday party! come on!5. I was PRETENDING to be the grinch from the grinch who stole christmas but everyone misinterpreted it…6. David and I were clicking our heels at a dance.7. poor David8. Apparently you have never seen the “Berries n’ Cream” commercials, because that is the exact dance he performs.And if you were looking for incriminating pictures, I think you forgot the one where Heidi and I are eating piroettes like they’re cigars…haha.

i’m pretty sure the first picture isn’t from byu and i look like a hobo in the second one. and what is implied by “Aggressive and inappropriate wrestling” and who says I am a “wholesome church going young man”?

This is Richard Russell, and I think it is despicable that my best friend, David Vance, is being portrayed in such an unbecoming fashion. Your cropped photo makes him look like a drunk leprechaun, and I don’t appreciate the caption “I immediately regret doing that.” If you immediately regretted it, why did you post it? Inexcusable.

HAHAHliz you are hilariousbecca-you need to clean up your act!

Wow! I was really pushing Robin to apply to that wholesome Mormon school but now . . .

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