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Last week I went searching on parenting forums for some info. I was a little overwhelmed when I was given this list of abbreviations to use on one very popular forum.
After reading them I feel like I have a lot more questions to ask…

DH = Dear (or Dang depending on the day ) husband
DS = Dear Son
DD = Dear Daughter
MIL = Mother-in-law
FIL = Father-in-law
BIL = Brother-in-law
SIL = Sister-in-law
LLL = La Leche League
IBCLC = Interntional Board Certified Lactation Consultant
LC = Lactation Consultant
BM = Breastmilk
EBM = Expessed Breastmilk
EBF = Exclusively Breastfed
FF = Formula fed or formula feeding
PIS = Medela Pump in Style
AF = Aunt Flo (period)
EP = Exclusively Pumping
HTH = Hope This Helps
KWIM = Know What I Mean
EN = Extended Nursing
PP = Post Partum or Previous Post
TIA = Thanks in Advance
TTC = Trying to Conceive
DCP = Day Care Provider
LOL = Laughing out Loud
MW = Midwife
*NAK = Nursing at Keyboard
*PAK = Pumping at Keyboard
PY = Ameda Purely Yours
BF = Breastfed or breastfeeding
BTDT= Been There, Done That
*SNS= Supplemental Nursing System
IMO= In My Opinion
SO= Significant Other
*PCOS= Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
STTN= Sleeping Through The Night
LO= Little One
CIO= Cry It Out
*EC= Elimination Communication
WOHM= Work Out of the Home Mom
SAHM= Stay at Home Mom
WAHM= Work At Home Mom
*HUTH= Hang Up The Horns
EP= Exclusively Pumping
VBAC= Vaginal Birth After a Cesarean
HBAC= Home Birth After a Cesarean
FWIW= For What It’s Worth
ITA= I Totally Agree
*GSE= Grapefruit Seed Extract
*GV= Gentian Violet
NCSS= “No Cry Sleep Solution”



wouldn’t it just be easier to type it out? Crazy. I used the GV on Hazel when she had thrush. worked great. my grandma did that elimination communication thing with my mum. She said she hardly ever had a poopy diaper. even as an infant.

elimination communication is a technique in which you train your little one to pee/poop on command from infancy– becky has been doing this, and her 18 month old is pretty much potty trained already. you basically make a swishy sound with your mouth when you want the baby to pee into a container, and the baby starts to associate the sound with going to the bathroom… it’s pretty cool, I’ve seen it in action…

that would have been a big help like 5 months ago! where were you when i needed this?

yeah henry is still screaming when i try to nurse him. i’m about to HUTH myself i’m so sick of it

wow. that’s a lot. i nak all the time. actually, i nacomputer all the time. its too hard to type and nurse. is henry still yelling at you? i told you daisy knew her stuff.

DO you want me to tell you what all of your ‘huh’ things are? the last two are holistic treatments for thrush, supplements. HUTH is quitting pumping (like a working mom or a full time pumping mom– horns are the part of the pump that goes on your boobs). Anyway, I won’t go on because I don’t think you care! But I will credit for saving breastfeeding for me when I really wanted to quit!

I know the SNS- supplemental nursing system. That is a device that you can use to help baby nurse at the breast. It has a tube that you tape on the breast and in that tube is breast milk or formula that drips down the tube and into the baby’s mouth. So the idea is the baby is sucking at the breast (helping the mother get a let-down) and nursing but is also supplemented with the milk from the tube. This is usually used if mother’s milk supply is low so the baby gets more than just the mother’s milk OR when baby is reluctant to nurse at the breast and needs milk there instantly and continually so to encourage the baby to continue nursing.

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