Morning Smiles!

We got lots smiles this morning, and giggles and coos! Of course, they were directed at the ceiling but I’m totally counting them! Maybe it’s because I decided yesterday to cut out dairy to see if it will make him generally happier, maybe it’s because he got to play all night last night with his Urquhart cousins and then slept for 7 hours straight in his new swaddle blanket.
Either way, he was a delightfully smiley baby this morning and it made us so happy 🙂

I tried to take a couple pics with my camera phone.


I’m so glad Hank is behaving now. Sometimes you just have to be a little stern. Can’t wait to see some more smiles!

When Moses sleeps we swaddle him and then put the Swaddleme over that. Thats the only thing that keeps him in.

Congrats! Good times…I have to say when I was talking with the hubby this morning he was quick to remind me that our beanie didn’t smile for quite a while. You really do forget…

That Hank, such a tease! He did want to make you sweat first! I am glad you like the new swaddle blanket, but Zach would have liked a shout out for letting Henry borrow his while we were visiting. They are seriously the best things ever, I don’t know how I’ll ever get Zach to sleep without one!

see, he just wanted to see you sweat a little bit about not seeing smiles. . .THEN he gives them to you!

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