Mardi visiting

My best friend growing up, Mardi, flew from Boston to visit this weekend and meet Baby Hank. We went snowshoeing up Big Cottonwood Canyon (with Hank being carried in the sling). It was such a gorgeous day and we even spotted a moose (top left photo if you have really good eye sight).

On a side note…..Mardi made a hilarious discovery this weekend in our neighborhood…. Jack Mormon Coffee Co. apparently is not open on Sundays. What posers. We think Jack should change his name to Molly.


I think Hank looks a lot like you in his smiley pictures. What a cuteie pie. and I like the songs you have been posting.

I found your blog through Jordan’s, and just wanted to leave a comment!Your son is darling, and your posts are just such fun!Happy blogging:)

haha yeah I was always tempted to go in and ask them about that…

No we had seen it, we just didn’t know they were closed on sunday!

Wait, had you seriously not seen that coffee shop before? We drove by it every time we left your house! I didn’t even point it out to you because I thought you’d be like, yeah, yeah, we know…

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