Late smiles

So Henry had his 2 month dr appointment yesterday. He weighed in at 11 lbs 3 oz and is in the 30th percentile. His height was in the 30th too (at least he’s proportional!). As we suspected, he’s behind in his eye contact and (lack of) smiles. We’re hoping that he’s just a little behind because he was a little early, but they recommended us see a pediatric optometrist just in case there are some vision issues. Of course now I’m all stressed out about him being ‘behind’.
Anyone else have babies that were slow to smile and focus? Baby Hank is 9 weeks old.

Total chubster. I thought for sure he’d be at least in the 50th percentile for weight!


my oldest was super serious. it was like he didn’t reallty like us. took him a long time to smile. i don’t remember the eye contact thing, but my second gazes into my eyes all the time, but makes me realize my first didn’t really do that so much.good luck- hope it’s nothing!

thanks for all the words of encouragement! I’ve talked to a lot of people that seem to have similar situations and things ended up fine so I’m optimistic

Every single one of my babies was at the 5th percentile for weight, and maybe 25th (at the most) for height. But despite that, they were all healthy and they had cute chubby faces. My doctor would always remind me that there’s a really wide range of “normal.”Hank sure is adorable.

It seemed like Stella is always behind (and her smiles were few and far between too!). You will worry no matter what- I think even if your kid is right on target. Just try to not let it eat a whole in your stomach. Hank is a total cutie. Can’t wait to hang out with him!

It sounds like Hank is still beating Moses, so don’t worry too much. Trust your instincts and ask lots of questions, it will all work out. Keep us posted.

someone once told me not to worry too much. Most high schoolers walk and talk and use the potty by themselves. That helped me ease up.I think Jared can spare a few pounds. He is getting too heavy for me to carry in his car seat.

Also it seems that babies go at their own pace. It’s surprising how radically different babies can be in the “milestones.” I think it’s good you’re going to see an eye Dr. just in case…whatever the situation is it’s always better just to KNOW.

When babies weren’t ready to talk to us or look at us, I just kept talking to them and touching them as if they were. You never know what they’re waiting for.

Our 2 month appt is next week and I’m pretty sure Moses weighs less than 9 pounds.

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