I have a crush on my first quilt

Remember all those pillows I made? Well I had a bunch of leftover fabric that has been sitting around waiting for me to create something with it. I decided on a quilt since I have a fabulous friend who is a master seamstress to help me. It’s kind of girlie for Hank, but he can deal with a few flowers. I love the way it turned out. I have a huge crush on it.

I first cut a bunch of strips of fabric and sewed them together into a standard crib size. I found this example of the strip style quilt here that I liked. I tried not to match them too much (kind of like my pillows)

Then I bought a super soft back and some batting. I love the back.

Quilting it wasn’t as hard as it seemed. I had to sew around each of those strips.

I finished it today. I could not have done it without Susan, she walked me through the whole thing, step by step. Everyone needs a friend like her. It took about three or four afternoons at her house (while our babies were soundly napping).
Is that weird to have a huge crush on something you made yourself? Because I seriously am in love with it. If our house caught on fire, it might be the second thing I rescued (Hank being first of course).


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