Henry loves family

(this is my excuse to post random pictures of Hank with members of his extended family)

Meeting his Great Grandmother GG at Grandma Mack’s house

All smiles while being held by his Great Aunt Kathy (he likes it when you touch his chin and nose)

Snuggling up with his FAVORITE cousin, Lucy. Lucy held him all evening a couple weeks ago and he was so content. Then he slept his longest stretch ever and since- 7 hours! (note to cousin Moses: if you want to move into favorite spot above Lucy this weekend when we visit you’re gonna have to pull a freakin dove out of your ear).


I totally saw Henry pull a dove out of his ear. I didn’t even know you could do that.

Umm Liz, I have a Grandma Mack in Utah… are we 2nd cousins?Perhaps a swap of my banner design for some of your stylin’ Gocco goods can be arranged?! (Unless we are related in which case we must give of our talents spontaneously and freely.)

it’s not 80 degrees like it is in cali….that’s whats up with the hat

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