11 weeks old

Baby Hank is 11 weeks old. Isn’t he a cutie? He has started to support his head up nicely and likes being held on my hip facing out while I walk around the house so he can look at things. Henry smiles and coos a lot in the mornings and likes being around a crowd of people.


so let me just say that i have been looking over your blogs the last few months and i have to say, you win. you win the award for the cutest, trendiest, most fabulous wife and mother ever! really, the stuff you make, the way you decorate and your adorable family is picture perfect. i want to be like you when i grow up!

So cute! I want to come visit again! You guys should make a little trip to Cali.

He could not be cuter!! He looks so old! I remember when he looked old enough to start dating, but now, look at him, He could get in to clubs with out getting carded! (Which is what I hear is Aunt Becca is up to at the BYU.)~p

oh hi liz and jared,your handsome hank is darlinggood job; we’re impressedsarah & justin

I wish I could see him smile! Also fyi he looks exactly like Jared in the third picture.

he is too cute Liz. I like his chubby cheeks. Christmas p.j’s are ok if they still fit. Jared still wears his, but he is almost out of them.Hank has such cute smiles. I can’t wait to meet him

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