Soulja Boy

I feel old. When I worked in a school my students kept me in the loop. But now I’m on my own. Evidence of this is a new dance called the Soulja Boy that apparently every teenie bopper can do. My sisters Becca and Trina made it their New Years Resolution to learn it. I’m adding it to my list.
If Jared can climb mountains, I can learn soulja boy.

Becca and Trina made it their New Years Resolution:

Ellen knows it:

Wierd teachers that are older and less hip than me know it:

I’ve got a lot of practicing to do before my sister’s birthday party next week…..


Their doing it at PG High too…Liz, want to chat with you. I’m going to help the first lacrosse team at PG High and have no idea what I’m doing.

Whatever . . . the macarena was cool once too. Liz, you are going to have to do the dance at my party and teach all us old folks.

Wow, only a few months away from work and I am SO out of the loop! How sad! I was so cool once.

Liz, we had a dance at BYU tonight and they played Soulja boy and EVERYONE knew the dance. it was so funny

So this is what we witnessed at the USU New Year’s Eve dance. I didn’t know it had a name. Although the cool basketball stars were in the heart of the large group dancing, I assumed the dance was a local thing–maybe a take-off on Western Swing or a new version of the Boot Scootin’ Boogie.

good luck. it doesn’t even look like the same dance when all those white girls on ellen do it.

Come on, what happened to the good old days of the roger rabbit?

Robin and Paul and all their friends did it at their bonfire. It was fun to watch. Halfway through the song Robin came running up to us at the computer with the music on it yelling, “turn it off turn it off!” Somehow we had been given the explicit version of the song.

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