I’m loving this band right now, Midlake. Kind of folky, radiohead-ish. Thanks for the introduction, Celeste. This song below is called “Young Bride”


I finally got speakers for my computer…yeah!!!I like it…thanks!P.S. I like that you girls make mix cd’s for each other, cute!

Yeah, I admit it. I gave you the same mix. What can I say? I thought you two would like the same things.

trina, yup, it was on my celeste mix too. maybe she made us the same mix?

I saw Midlake perform back in L.A. a few months ago. They were great! (p.s. this is Elise from BYU lax, I just stumbled across your blog. We just moved to UT too!)

I like the song . . . sad.When I opened your blog this morning I thought I was looking at a pic of Jared and his uber cool friends.

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