Look Alikes

Game Time!!!
The first person to guess who I think these people look like gets some of my bird stationary in the mail! ( I’ll accept 3 out of the 4)
You have until 10pm tonight!

1. Baby Hank ( in this picture)

2. Spencer my bro

3. Jordan (again, in this picture, including outfit)

4. Me (in general, pre baby)


I love that picture of you. So cute! And yes, the resemblance is striking. I still think Hank’s nose is all Stanley.

Darling, darling picture of you two…I sewed something for Henry last week..could I come by sometime next week and see you? Have you seen ‘Miss Guided’ on Tuesday nights, 9:30? I think of you…and she kinda looks like you…

I thought that you had dressed Henry up like a girl at first! (well it does look remarkably similar to his Amish hat). I have to say I’m kind of jealous, my kid looks nothing like me!

i guess its because you don’t have chubby cheeks anymore and jared does. maybe you should stick your tongue out more.

1. one of the two muppet cynical grandpas2. michael cera 110%3. tie between wynona ryder or gena davis in beetlejuice4. cameron diaz 110% (especially that pose)

I’m not sure how I feel about this photo from my bachelorette party making the rounds on the internet.

Well, well, well. It’s 9:08 out here that means you have a winner somewhere in the lower 48. Who was it?

1. Jared or Mike Stanley2. Michael Cera (didn’t know his name until Michelle helped)3. Gina Davis on Beetlejuice4. Cameron Diaz

1. Gordon B. Hinckley2. Michael Cera for sure. That was the easiest.3. Corpse bride4. Cameron Diaz

hmmmmmmmm…. interesting p&l. you certainly know how to flatter the person who decides if you win or not…

So that you know I’m rightest I have put in links so you can see for your self!1~http://i2.bebo.com/025b/9/medium/2007/02/16/13/2142194144a3636088913b316679586m.jpg (sans glasses)2~http://www.thetvaddict.com/blogpics/clarkandduncan.jpg3~http://www.mwctoys.com/images/review_corpsebride_1a.jpg4~http://www.bbc.co.uk/lancashire/fun_stuff/lists/images/girlfriend270.jpgI want them cards!!!

1. yoda2. ____ Cera, from Juno (ca’t remember the actor’s name)3. no idea4. Cameron Diaz

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