Homemade blankets for Henry

We’ve had quite a few people make us homemade blankets for our little Henry. They are all so beautiful. From left to right (going around clockwise):

‘Red/blue/green squares knitted‘ made by my sister Celeste
‘Green and white squares knitted‘ made by Patrick and Lindsay from Hoboken (who we miss dearly)
Blue stripped‘ made by sister in law, Megan
‘White soft and silky‘ made by sister in law, Megan (he was blessed in this one)
‘Light blue stripped and printed‘ made by my Aunt Kathy in North Dakota
‘Super soft blue knitted‘ made by my sister Celeste

It’s still a toss up to see which will be his favorite.
We still have room for many more additions so start knitting!


Alright, Trina. You can have 1/8th credit for picking the yarn!

I should get credit for the soft blue one… I DID start it off. I actually started it for a lady in my ward but I stopped working on it for about a year before celeste came and rescued it..just goes to show that I can never finish anything I start. Unfortunately I had messed it up so bad that when celeste saved it, she had to unravel the part I did. Still I picked out the soft, cuddly yarn and that counts for something.

The one I made him will be his favorite. It’s so soft!Liz…I didn’t forget about Henry. I have had to start over 3 times on the dang booties. Something has gone terribly wrong.I’ll send the blankie soon though!!

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