Hank update

Baby Hank is totally chunking out. He has now officially grown out of his newborn/premie size diapers and clothes and moved onto bigger and better outfits in the 0-3 month size. I was a little bit sad boxing up the newborn stuff.
Hank loves to be held-all the time, which is fine because we love holding him.

But this is what happens when he doesn’t get held.
His cries are cute. They sound like a cat meowing- angrily. His face gets really red when he gets angry and his hands claw at his face. They say 6 weeks is the height of fussiness and that things get better from there. I hope so. Hank is 6 weeks old in a couple days.

He still looks around a lot but doesn’t focus on very much. Everyday I ask for a smile. I think he’s been working on a really great one. We just have to come up with the right joke.


Don’t worry about the smiles, Auntie Brooke is coming! Hang on Hank, the one who will make you laugh is on her way! Zach and I can’t WAIT to meet Henry! (just a few more weeks!)

i really DON’T miss those newborn days, i think they’re still too fresh in my mind. 6 weeks was the turning point i think. from what you described arden was pretty similar.

I really do miss the newborn days. It goes by to fast. I miss waking up in the middle of the night to feed my kids.Cute pics.

he is really cute. and i love his angry meow-ing. my presence may not have made him smile first bu ti bet i made him cry the loudest, that’s something, right?

Oh, thanks for sending us a visual update. He is SO cute and much bigger than we remember. Can’t stand this absentee grandmothering!

He is so cute! I can’t wait until my cold is better so I can hang with him and give him lots of kisses. I’ll use this time apart to think of a really funny face to make him laugh.

Handsome Henry!Navajo custom says whoever makes a baby laugh first has to buy the baby a small gift. Maybe Henry’s waiting for a really witty guy who’s also a Big Spender.

Yeah he misses you guys. It’s lonely here without a house full of guests!

my little man is growing so big!everday mom and I are like ” I miss little henry”

no wonder he’s so fussy- I’ve been gone for over a week now!

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