Guest Post: Jared – Wasatch Eleveners

Liz and I made our 2008 goals on Sunday; I don’t know if we’re going to get to travel much this year, and since we are so freaking close to the mountains one of my goals is to climb all eighteen of the peaks that are above 11,000 feet in the wasatch range;
I’m pretty out of shape but I think I can do it, i just need to get in the zone! tenacious! Some of them are close in proximity and you could probably do like 4 or more at a time maybe if you hiked up and then camped for a day and just nailed them all.

There’s actually like 30 but like 4 of them are on Nebo, 3 on timpanogos, etc. so those would be done all at once. Here’s a list of all of them:

  • North Mount Nebo
  • South Mount Nebo
  • Middle Mount Nebo
  • North Peak(nebo)
  • Mount Timpanogos
  • “South” Timpanogos
  • “North” Timpanogos
  • West American Fork Twin Peak
  • “South” American Fork Twin Peak
  • Unnamed 11,383
  • Unnamed 11,347
  • Unnamed 11,288
  • East Broads Fork Twin Peak
  • West Broads Fork Twin Peak
  • Pfeifferhorn
  • White Baldy
  • Red Baldy
  • Red Top Mountain
  • Sunrise Peak
  • Lone Peak
  • South Thunder
  • North Thunder
  • Unnamed 11,137
  • Monte Cristo Peak
  • Dromedary Peak
  • Box Elder Peak
  • Mount Baldy
  • Provo Peak
  • “East” Provo Peak
  • Sugarloaf Mountain
  • Mount Superior
  • “East” American Fork Twin Peak

I think i’ll probably start with Timpanogos, Provo Peak, Nebo’s peaks, and Box Elder Peak in the earlier season…maybe April or May, I guess it depends on the snowpack. I figure about 2 a month through the summer and then I’ll do a longer one, maybe get all the little-cottonwood canyon ones done in a 3-4 day weekend or something.

I’ve done timpanogos before with daisy’s cousin that i dated, it wasn’t that hard but i was in really good shape; i also did lone peak and i remember it was rough(ask supergreg about his knee).

hopefully i can do it!


You’ll love Timp. Go in June/July for wildflowers and a ride down the glacier. Go in late Sept for colors. Watch out though, everytime we went, we ran into an agressive mountain goat.

BYU’s Outdoors Unlimited does a winter Nebo climb excursion. You may or may not want to go with them but either way they may have good info about where to start, etc

awesome! my goal is to buy a segway and drive it to all of the historic sites in st. george. good luck buddy.

Hi, I visited your blog for the first time and saw your small birds on itsy. I loved them. I know how difficult it is to be a mother and an artist at the same time but keep it up. Good luck.

All I can say is if you are going to do Timp before June you will need crampons and an ice axe…

wow, I’d rather run a marathon!! (sounds like the list Ben’s got going) good luck!

j- you winter hike/mountaineer, ya? let’s do one when I come out in feb! putting my ice axe to use for the first time this season on sat. . .

once i ran into a bunch of naked guys hiding behind rocks and trees when i was hiking up lone peak. i forgot their names though. don’t forget your retractable hula hoop for the summits.

Why are you such an overachiever? That’s so great Jared.I read this to my dad & he told me to tell you that real men climb in the snow so start now!

fyi, Nebo is a good one to climb in the winter. You don’t have to wait for snow to melt. I did it in Jan. or Feb. a few years ago. We didn’t need crampons, just good winter boots and ice axes (mostly just to look cool). Winter descents are great because you can slide down on your butt. I’m not necessarily qualified to give expert technical advice on how to do it but can say that we did and it was a great climb.

I remember when you worked at Snowbird you took me up on a short summer hike by the Great Western Trail. Smart to choose a goal close to home. Good luck.

dan and i started up timp with our kids. we didn’t make it. we weren’t tenacious. especially chloe at age 2. so slow but very good at singing ‘a hiking we will go..’ plus, i’ve heard that people get altitude sickness so probably not a good idea to take your infant up. we wern’t thinking.

It’s good to make goals. I want to watch every Northern Exposure episode from start to finish this year, I am already on episode 3. I hope we can accomplish our goals J.

Matt was just talking the other day about doing all these peaks as well. It is a good goal for the year!

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