Gold and Gray

I’m loving gold and gray right now.Don’t you love this fabric?

Usually I alternate pillows on our couch, but these two, together, are permanent residents (they look pretty good with that blue too)

Baby’s room too: gold drapes with grayish blue walls.

I made some stationery this weekend with my two favorite colors. I just needed something simple for multiple uses: notes, thank you cards, etc.

I know what you’re thinking. Liz. Flowers aren’t gray, and if they were, what a sad world it would be. Well I got sick of earth tone card stock, okay? I wanted something bright and fresh. So I went with gold. A lot of gold; and of course I got some gray card stock too.

And what better to go on a gold card, but a gray flower? Sue me.


maybe list some gold and grey on Etsy? I ordered the giraffe cards and LOVED them!

It is so funny that you posted about this because I am obsessed with gold and grey lately. We just got new gold curtains for our bedroom and I am sewing a gold and grey bedspread for our bed.Your house looks really cute.

I love gray + gold, too. My walls are gold, so let’s just say that I wouldn’t mind redoing everything else in gray-ish hues.

Looks good. I think I am going to do a grey and pink room for Lia and Hazel. I have an family antique,satin,down quilt (in these colors) that has never been used.

hey! so hot right now. remember i was looking for a gold quilt, well guess why? for my gold and gray room. so cute.

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