Getting to know Henry

Henry looking at his favorite spot, the ceiling, with a half smile

It’s hard to trust anything from someone who generally doesn’t look at you straight on.
But here’s what we’ve learned so far about our little Hank, who is 8 weeks old today:

1. He likes our dark wood ceilings. Mesmerized by them, in fact. He can be screaming and then the ceiling catches his eye. Immediately eyes lock and– silence. The binkie falls out, he could care less cause the ceiling is apparently where it’s at.
2. He loves looking to the right. Yup, the right. He would prefer to look to the right than the left especially in his bouncy chair (which makes me think something is wrong with the chair?). He only falls asleep looking to the right in that thing.
3. He loves to be held and cuddled. Especially by people that are more interesting than his own parents (i.e. aunts and uncles)
4. He loves foot massages (which are ‘footsie massagies’ to him). That often quiets him when he’s a little cranky and restless. Tummy massages work sometimes too.
5. He loves getting out of the house. Staying home with me is BOOOORING! He is usually quite a little gentleman in public.
6. He likes to look at his parents, but doesn’t really like smiling yet although we’ve seen a few teasers.
7. He is always hungry. He can eat all day long. But he can also always just suck on his binkie if I’m trying to hold him off for a little bit. He loves him some binkie.
8. He loves the front pack and the sling. Falls right to sleep, better than the car seat now.
9. He hates getting naked
10. He hates baths
11. He loves taking naps with his parents in their bed
12. Sometimes when he spits up he tries to lick it up as it’s rolling down his cheek. Gross.
13. He loves reading US Weekly. Why else would I buy those trashy mags?


Liz and Jared-i saw your link on the wolffs blog. Congrats on the babe. We had our little girl Jan 10th–it sounds like you must have had him early b/c i think we were only a week apart?!!! anyway, i was laughing outloud about him staring at the ceiling…how hilarious. he is a cutie!! I hope you are liking SLC. Keep in touch… i just started blogging…troyandmistiescottfamily.blogspot.comTake care!!!

awww my little hankie pankie is a cutie patootiecan’t wait to see him in just a few weeks!

love that baby liz!! i can’t wait to get to know him.

Your little one is so cute…I check in occasionally… I actually bought some fabric to make you something every new mother needs… someday I’ll drop in when I’m in SLC….Hey, check out my blog, since you inspired it… http://housewife7.blogspot.comAnne House (Besty’s best cousin!)

He is so sweet. Hattie really likes reading US Weekly too, oh & perez hilton online. Like I would go there for me!

So adorable! I can’t believe he has such a little personality already.Oh, and Scout does that thing with second-lunch too. Not that your perfect, gorgeous baby is like our dog.I’m out.

I think he sees spirits. That’s why he’s always looking up!!Anavey totally does this still & it kind of creeps me out.I love that picture & I’m happy he’s such a good baby for you & Jared!

Spitting up is just like second-lunch! I love that picture of him; the smile is so close.

Oh my heck!! I love those cheeks!It sounds like you’re going to let him stay for a while.

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