Family tree

Thanks to Donna who came to help with Hank last week, I finally finished the family tree that I was given last Christmas (although I’m still missing some birthdays…). But at least it’s hung!


it is hung in our bedroom. but i think i want to move it into the dining room becuase it would be nice for visitors to see it

liz–i am the creepy blogstalker who has lurked on your blog for about 6 months and enjoyed it tons. i’m rachel and sara’s friend, and many a time i wanted to make a comment on something you posted or the funny stuff jared writes, but fear of rejection held me back! but now i am casting aside the shackles of self-doubt and wanted to tell you i love your blog and hope it’s cool if i comment every so often…..

I love this!! I saw one very simialr in Martha years ago and it is a project that is always in the back of my mind. Your making me bring it to the front of my mind.

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