Antique baby carriage

Fergie and Andy gave us this awesome antique baby carriage. Isn’t it adorable? The blue corduroy? So cute. Perfect for walks around the neighborhood, to the park and of course some fantastic photo shoots. I can’t WAIT to clean it up, find padding for the inside and take it out for a ride once this snow melts away! Super cool. Thanks!!!


..and if you look behind the stroller you can see that we still haven’t cleaned up the dead chrysanthemum leaves from mid december. my fault.

oh my, that is perfect! i’m jealous and i don’t even have a kid yet – maybe i could get one and push my laundry around in the meantime…

Awesome! I wanted one so bad from an antique shop but I didn’t get it:( Lucky!

Hey chickie! I found you thru Maile’s blog. Oh, so good to see you had your baby boy. How exciting for you both and he is so adorable! And for the carriage . . . I want it! Tee Hee. You’ll have sooo much fun with it and what a great gift.

yeah i think it’s actually wider than the bassinet, at least the bassinet i have. we’ll see.

So cute! An idea for the inside padding, it looks like it is about the same size as a bassinet, you could get a bassinet mattress from babies r us for like $12.

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