Another snowy day

Another snowy day in Salt Lake!
I explained to Henry this morning that on snowy days we get to stay in our pjs all day, drink *mema’s hot cocoa, and take naps. He said that was cool.

*In the hot cocoa recipe, apparently sweetened condensed milk is not the same as evaporated milk, despite being in identical size cans and sitting right next to each other on the shelf in the grocery store. Don’t make the same mistake as I did.
In fact, I think sweetened condensed milk might be the exact opposite of evaporated milk.


dang, that kid is cute. i thought of you tonight when stella was crawling around in the tub and i remembered 9 short months ago when i couldn’t even fathom my baby sitting up/crawling/pulling herself up in her crib. it’s the biggest cliche of all time…but it goes so fast!!!! lovin’ every second of it! p.s. we are coming for the film march 10-may 10ish!!!! sorry for the monster comment.

i’m going to tell my future kids the same thing. good idea. oh wait, i tell myself that now. i think that hc recipe needs to be tried out this week. we just got dumped w/snow. ps hank is cute!

he looks like he’s doing the dream sucking in the bottom picture. i love that.

I’m so jealous of your snow right now. I miss the snow so much.I used to love getting snowed in!P.S. I love the pic of Henry sleeping…so cute!

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