A productive day

I’m starting to feel more productive. This morning I got up early (830am), met my sister for her birthday brunch at Ruths Diner up Immigration Canyon. I packaged and mailed all of my etsy orders, stopped by the car dealership, ran into Kinkos- twice, made dinner, and printed more Lion Wild Thing Cards for sale on Etsy. I even had time for a 2 hour nap once our errands were done, snuggled next to Hank in our bed.
It was the first time that I didn’t try to time everything around nursing. In fact, I ended up nursing sitting at the restaurant for brunch-and it was no big deal (hardly a man in sight, anyway). My first time nursing in public wasn’t as disastrous as I imagined. I was out of the house for more than 5 hours. It felt good! Hank behaved himself for the most part and politely waited to fuss until this evening.
We had a doctor’s appointment two nights ago. He now weighs in at 10 lbs. 5 oz and at 7 weeks old! No wonder my back hurts holding him in the sling for more than half an hour or so. Finally he hit the 50th percentile for weight (three weeks ago he was in the 10th). I’m growing quite attached to this not-so-little hanky panky. I miss him when he’s not snuggled in my arms- fussiness and all.


His thighs are so pudgy and kissable. I highly recommend hanging out with him. His the coolest!

I love days like that! I love Ruth’s Diner. . . man I miss SLC. I can’t wait to see Hank this summer, I hope he isn’t too big for me to hold.

aww Hank the Tank is actually turning into a tank… a tank full of MILK also, comments are needed on my blog..YES, I finally did post!

MAMA MIA HE’S BIG! Are you sure you’re sneaking him Big Macs on the side? Love those pictures and I can’t wait to see MY BOY!

Congrats on a great day out. I found it very liberating once I gave up on being home to nurse or hiding in a bathroom stall. I still found it more comfortable settled into my perfect chair with the boppy and all, but knowing that I could just take care of business while sitting in a restaurant, in a park, on a bench in the mall, etc. was very freeing – no more having to get everything done and back home before feeding time!

Way to go Hanky Panky!And I’m happy you made more cards. They’re awesome.

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