A genuine colicky tease

Henry gave Jared a genuine smile two nights ago. Apparently it was really cute. I missed it. Of course Henry doesn’t bother to show me, his source for food, life, and his constant guardian all day long, the cute smile. All I get from Henry are looks like this and fussiness all day long.

What started as nighttime colic has become an all day event. It’s a little rough. I had heard that at 6 weeks things were supposed to improve, but they’ve only seemed to take a terrible turn for the worse about a week ago. My only saving grace is that he sleeps okay at night. He even has 4 hour stretches sometimes! The worsening colic might have to do with the fact that he was premature. I’m only remembering a few times in the last week that he’s sat around happy, awake and complacent (sans binkie). Jared remembers one time that he got a smile out of it.

A smile would brighten my day. Pretty please, Henry?


The timing is totally because Henry was a preemie and the fussiness is coming out now (fussiness is completely normal). HBOTB is definitely the DVD to watch. White noise, swaddling, and pacifiers are huge life savers. Babies need womb-like comforts for the first few months to help w/ the transition into this world. itunes has some downloadable white noise. Or you can record running bath water or a blow drier. Above all, try to enjoy this time. It’s full of incomparable sweetness intermixed with those seemingly discontent cries. And rest when your baby does so you have the energy to calm him.

The Happiest Baby on the Block by dr. Harvey Karp. Then: swaddle. Tightly. With a blanket that DOES NOT STRETCH. I swear, it works. (I just noticed Miggy said the same thing… I lent her the book- but I think the DVD is a better idea). GOOD LUCK! (she typed as she heard her baby waking for the second time tonight!)

Oh, I’m so sorry about the colic.That’s so hard & I feel for you.My mom wished I got colicy babies because apparently I was the worst. Hang in there & I wish I lived up there so I could watch Henry & give you a break!

Liz–one more thing that might help (it helped us a little–one more weapon in the arsenal so to speak) is watching the DVD of Happiest Baby on the Block. It’s only 45 minutes, as opposed to reading the entire book. Plus I feel like actually SEEING the good Dr. calm fussy babies really helped. I know this DVD made the rounds in our ward during the baby boom.

It WILL get better. Those first few months are killer on most everyone. All my kids were really gassy babies, and it’s SO frustrating. So, here’s a few things (take it or not)–My kids seemed to do well outside when they were really fussy (and I had Jan/Feb babies), just bundle him up and take a step outside. It’s amazing what a change of environment can do.–My saving grace was “tummy drops/gas drops/mylicon drops” (I always just used the “little tummies” brand gas drops. It always seemed to calm them for a little while. Couldn’t hurt/might help.–just hold on, like I said, it WILL get better (and you WILL get that smile, and LOTS of them!)

Hey Liz (it’s Steph Crittenden)! I happened upon your blog from Jean & Maret’s. Congratulations on your darling little baby boy. As for the colic…not to scare you but my son Marc had colic all day until he was about 4 months and then even at that point he was still really fussy until a few weeks ago (he just turned 6 months yesterday). Hang in there though – it does get easier! And it helps that they’re so adorable.

Liz & Jared, congratulations on the safe arrival of your little guy!! I’ve been meaning to leave a comment for a while but I’m usually reading on the run. I also had luck with Daisy’s suggestion when Kaia was a baby – she had a really fussy spell and making sure she was done on one side really helped. We love seeing a little about what you’re up to via your blog!

His pose in that picture looks a little like Dr. Evil. I’m so glad to hear he is sleeping better at night. That is a real improvement. I like the advice about one breast at a time. And I’ll say it (although not as medical advice), we were all tummy sleepers until a decade ago.

I had good luck with tummy sleeping as well. I wish I could hold him for an afternoon so you could get a break.Smile Henry! You have such great parents!

When I left the hospital this time the lactation lady told me that this is the latest advice (only giving one breast at a feeding). Interesting. At the risk of sounding like a bad parent, I fully believe in tummy sleeping. Sometimes it makes a huge difference. There are so many things to try, but sometimes you just have to wait it out, good luck!

daisy, i’m going to try your advice to only do one breast at each feeding. thanks!

don’t mean to push your deadline back but the six weeks might only count from his due date rather than the earlier birth date. at least he sleeps at night unlike mine. i’m going to pay more attention to daisy’s advice.

How is nursing going? Sometimes babies tend to nurse only long enough to get the fore milk (before switching breasts) which has more of the carbohydrates and sugars which cause gas and make them more colicky. The hind milk which has more of the fat in it comes towards the end of the feedings. I’m sure you know this already, but sometimes it’s as simple as only offering one breast at a feeding to insure they get enough of the hind milk. AND sometimes it is just they are colicky. I used to help moms at Wic with breastfeeding and this was one thing I told them to try with colicky babies. I’m sure you have tried everything and everyone has given you good advice…so Good Luck. Babies are hard!

I shudder when I remember those early weeks…we had a little fusser as well. Not easy. I also remember being very discontent at week 6 thinking, “hey ya’ll told me this is supposed to get better about now.” And it didn’t for a while…slowly but surely we started to see little changes and improvements. I’m glad he’s sleeping decent at night–that’s great. Just make sure you still get out a little here and there without the baby…even if it’s just to boarders to get some hot chocolate and look at magazines for an hour. Those little things did wonders for me…

So much work, yet nothing in return.It is hard Liz, but it will get better. It is a good sign that he is sleeping more at night, that is a step in the right direction. He sure is a cute little guy. His smiles will be so worth the wait once they come. I can’t wait to meet him! (When will that be?) We need to arrange something, sometime.Hang in there, call anytime, even just to vent. Everyone needs it!

Sorry it’s rough, Liz. And especially because no one ever tells you what’s actually the matter. Good luck.

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