15 minute clean up

Growing up at an attempt to teach us good housekeeping skills, my mother would have a 15 minute clean up each night and we all would have to drop whatever we were doing and join in – for just 15 minutes. It was either the kitchen or a gathering room (in which case we would throw all the junk in the middle of the room before we began). We kind of liked it. It was a game to see how fast we could put things away. I saw these 15 minute hour glass timers at CB2 and think they would be perfect for a family activity like ours.

One time I tried to have this 15 minute clean up with Jared and just as we started the clock, he said that he had to go to the bathroom. He stayed in there for 14 minutes. I was so mad. Jared of course thought it was sooooo funny.


Liz, I just got my timer in the mail today:) Let’s see if Matt suddenly has to “go”. My kids love to play with it. I will tests it’s cleaning powers tonight:)

yeah when the parents call “15m minute clean up” we would run adn hide in the atticDON’T BE FOOLED JARED

funny i just bought a timer at target this week for just such a purpose!

i do not recall this story and i’m with chia it’s not believable i think liz is fibbing.

Haha!Good one Jared.P.S. Liz, I want one of those timers! I’ll put them to work!

I think it’s a great idea.(the timer and clean up part) I think my kids would like it.

I think he must have learned that from Shayne. Or maybe it’s just something husbands are born with…the knowledge of how to get out of cleaning. I like the idea. My mom always did the “pick up ten things.”

hah! that is sooo something i would do, and sooo something my husband would do, too!

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