Wide awake and fast asleep

It took Henry a couple days to open his eyes but now he’s more and more alert every day
Father and son taking a nap


HA! that’s great guys, huge congrats! little hank just couldn’t wait to get to zion. we’ll be in utah next week, let us know when we can come over. stella wants to meet her new little boyfriend.

Honestly, he’s even more beautiful in person. I keep thinking that he must have won the lottery (or something more heavenly) to find himself in the home of Liz and Jared Stanley. They are terrific parents. Wow, grandparenting is awesome!

The eyes are Liz, but he’s Jared from the nose on down. Man, I never thought I could love a nephew this much!

congrats on your little one. so scary to have one early, the feeding tube pics remind me of our little Add. i love the name henry, glad all is well.

Cute kid. Definitely more like a Stanley than a Ricks. But then again if our genes were dominant ones they wouldn’t be as rare/precious.

I’m not sure which picture looks more like Mike Stanley, I think it’s a tie.

hey that’s a st. george shirt! my husband has that from his marathon.—oh yea adorable baby by the way! welcome baby henry! you’re gonna like it out here, we promise.

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