Henry Wayne Stanley
Born December 5th, 2007 6:03 pm
6 lbs, 6 oz.
19 inches long

Henry came home from the hospital yesterday. Jared and I are elated to be his parents.

Last Wednesday we went for a checkup and his heartbeat was 4x faster than it should be; minutes later I was in a hospital gown awaiting emergency c-section. The doctors were able to calm his heart once they got him out. The doctors call it atrial flutter, but we just think he wanted to be here for christmas.

He gave us quite a scare, but he’s in good health and doing great.

We couldn’t be happier and Jared is the best dad ever. Thanks to our family and friends for your kind thoughts and prayers.

Welcome Baby Hank!


Congratulations! Good luck in the next few weeks. Looks like he’s gonna be a keeper!

Congrats! A boy! I wonder what that’s like? Wow, Jared’s a daddy. How great is that?!

That’s wonderful. I really love his name. What a perfect baby!

(This is the other half of P&L) Nice job, he looks great!! We are so happy for you three! Hank is lucky to have the best parents in the world!

hooray for henry! he’s already a rake. I’m glad there’s another ricks-stanley in the world.

congratulations to you! He’s beautiful. And just take it easy with the c-section – they aren’t too bad, but it’s a good reminder to take it easy these first couple of weeks, let others doing the heavy lifting! (Except for Hank of course – lift away!)

Oh my gosh! He’s so cute!I love those pictures & I’m so happy he’s healthy!

Yay for Henry! So cute! So glad he has a name so I can tell baby Zach all about him without calling him no name! I can’t WAIT to meet him. Keep the pics coming momma! And call me!

he’ll be tough as nails- a mix between the home run king hank aaron and the duke john wayne.

wow, a mini-me of jared. so sorry you had to have a c-section. glad things are going well.

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