Beautiful child, this Henry. Congrats to you and Jared.

really cute, almost as cute as moses. those pictures are great.

He is beautiful!! We are so glad he’s here safe and sound and that Liz is doing so well. Congratulations!

That stripey catepillar suit is my favorite. I love how angry the bath made him. He certainly has spunk (not surprising given his parents).

What an absolute doll! He is SO cute. Congratulations Liz. He is precious. I am glad everything went well. Your parents must be dying right now. It’s so exciting.

wish i had a dollar for every time i’ve seen jared make that face. (the one where he’s crying)

He really is cute! I wanted to hold him but I didn’t dare ask.Your pictures always turn out so good. How do you do it?

awwwhis first sponge bath!don’t worry little henry, it’ll get better. The first time is always the worst!can’t wait to see him in less than a week!

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