Some photos are better seen in 4×6

On Wednesday Jared and I attended our first of six birthing classes. When they were going through the stages of labor, the teacher pulled out some extra large photos- a little too large if you ask me. Well everyone seemed to be handling the larger than life pictures fine except for Jared. He looked like he had either eaten a sour lemon or had seen the most disgusting and shocking thing on earth. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he had some sour lemons in his mouth. When I finally told him to relax his face because it was embarrasing, he said he was relaxed and to stop looking at him. The teacher even stopped and asked if everyone was doing okay (looking squarely at Jared). Awesome. I can’t wait for this baby’s arrival.

Speaking of due dates and for all of those who have questioned how big I really am, when the cashier at home depot today asked when I was due, and I said January 1st she laughed and said I’m too big and won’t make it till then. SEE?


That is funny Jared, your baby will be beautiful and I am sure you will be enthralled.

come on jared, birth is a beautiful thing. when i was delivering they put a mirror down there. i think i made the same sour face and told them to take it away. gross.

i’m glad to hear that other immature men have had children and they’ve turned out decent

Seth and I were the only ones giggling and whispering inappropriate comments when the teacher started talking about stimulating your nipples to induce birth. I’m kind of giggling right now in fact……The best part about that post is I totally had a visual of Jared making that face. Still giggling…..

haha! they asked me if i wanted to cut the cord and i almost threw up. We did get a picture of when Jared first came out. It’s pretty nasty. We’ll post it later.

I showed The Miracle of Life (Nova Series)to Robin and Paul when they were about 10-11 years old. Paul came home at the very end when the baby is born. Little Paul had a look of horror on his face, Big Paul said, “I have the same look on my face every time mom has a baby.”

Sara! That’s awesome!Don’t worry Liz, Kb always claimed to be totally grossed out until Anavey came. He was so enthralled!

That is nothing. During our birthing classes everytime the teacher used the proper terminology for body parts Steve started giggling. He wasn’t alone, however, the teenage kid who knocked up his girlfriend was giggling too. I was so proud.

I think we need to see a current belly picture to verify that home depot story.

ha!!! hopefully jared will be wearing a surgical mask and you won’t see his expression

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