Jeff Hein Portrait

It’s always hard to move to a new place because you always spend weeks and weeks feeling like you don’t have friends. The only friends we have really made here are Jeff Hein and his wife, Jen, who are in our church ward. Jeff Hein is a painter and does some really amazing graphic portraits that are usually life size. You can visit his website here. Last sunday he asked me if I wanted to model for one of his portraits he was sending to a big show of his in New York. Obviously, I jumped at the chance knowing it might solidify us to *bf status. I took quite a risk, knowing his history with pregnant models ( see his painting below).

Anyway, the FIRST painting above is the one of me. We were able to see the final product last night at his studio party. Sorry, I only had my camera phone with me so the picture isn’t very good. His paintings sell for a ton so I don’t think we’ll be able to buy it but I really like it. We’re secretly hoping it doesn’t sell at the show and maybe he’ll be able to cut us a deal, being all *bf and all.

*bf has a whole new meaning when you’re new to a city. In this case, bf refers to, simply, people we talk to in church that call us by our names, sit by us and occasionally speak hypothetically about hanging out outside of church. Once we do that a couple times, the friendship status will be raised to bff.


hahahahliz that’s so cool!and i really like the explanation of bf and bff ( there is a MAJOR difference)we missed you at thanksgiving but can’t wait to see you and the new and improved house next month for christmas!

Great pictures. So….the one with the bikini….I know that it’s your head and hopefully you didn’t have to provide the body.

jeff, i’m glad we could have this *dtr talk with you guys. I’ve been working on some different poses that put blue steel to shame in case you need another model sometime. *define the relationship

You and Jared are totally my new “BF’s”. 🙂 Good portraits come from great models. Thanks for making my job easy. We are all going to dinner soon.Jeff Hein

Thanks for explaining what “BF” means!That portrait is so neat, hopefully you can keep it (not pay for it at all! Which he should since you modled and all ; ) I have always been a fan of portraits. My dad had our family friend (an artist) do his when he turned 40 and they are beautiful, timeless treasures.

That’s a great piece of work! And wow, Jeff Hein! My grandfather, John Elliott, was his bishop here in Newburgh. Don’t know if he would remember me, though. I was mostly just a casual visitor to their ward.~kendra portlock

A month ago I spent a lot of time on his site. Very cool. I love the painting.

Jared told us about this painting yesterday. It’s awesome! Hope you can get it:)

fergie- yeah you can totally have more than one bff. especially in different settings. don’t worry, you’re safe.

hey, liz are we still bff’s? can you have more than one? i didn’t think you could.

what’s the name of the store, becca? sounds awesome! (if i could only fit into any of it)

awesome picture liz!! those are some interesting sunglasses, too…ps. beyond the urban outfitters opening, I’m hyperventilating because I’ve just gotten word that that Sarah Jessica Parker store has just opened in Sandy (yes, the one where everything is high-quality and under $20). We’re going to have to go before I hyperventilate any more.

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