Happy Thanksgiving!

Tonight we’re heading down to St. George to spend Thanksgiving with some of Jared’s family. I’m excited to get out of here and away from the stress of this house! The transmission in our car broke this weekend, so yesterday we traded it in for something new. Road tripping will be fun in our brand new car. Hopefully it’ll be nice weather and we’ll be able to go walk around Zion a little bit this weekend
I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! I’ll be back monday.

As you can see, I’ve been successfully stretching out my stomach to fit all the delicious food tomorrow…

34 weeks


hmmm, not bad!! really good recipe, not so hard to prepare and a result was fine. thanks

The pie crust sounds so yummy. Can you post the recipe?

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I ate lots of yummy food and played lots of fun games!

Me, too–I wait until the morning after Thanksgiving, and then it's game on for the Christmas music. Even better if the first song I hear is something super-cheesy!

that pie looks delicious! Hope your Thanksgiving was absolutely wonderful. We are grateful for incredible bloggers like you!

How fantastic is it to find someone else who loves Christmas music as much as I do 🙂 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Wish we celebrated it here in Oz. I'm getting hungry looking at everyone's blog posts.

I'm so excited for Christmas music too! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Cookies in pie crust. Sounds divine! Ditto on the Christmas music. Our favorite this year (including my little boy)is the new album by Eclipse called It's Christmas Time! I bet you and Henry would love it, too. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nice site! I enjoy a couple of from the articles which have been written, and particularly the comments posted! I will definitely be visiting again!

Hi pina! Just added a link to the recipe. Hope you had a fabulous one as well.

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. The pastry wrapped brie with raspberry preserves sounds amazing! Is it difficult? Hope you share that recipe.

You're awesome, Liz. Can't wait to taste it all! Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Perfect picture! It makes me feel like Thanksgiving just looking at it. Happy day to all.

hi liz. i just got done mixing up your sweet potato recipe. as a VERY beginner in the kitchen, it was super easy and i can't wait to cook it up and eat it tomorrow!thanks!happy thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a wonderful time in San Fran. 🙂

I hope you had a second helping so that Mr. Peanut could fully enjoy the gluttony of his “first” Thanksgiving!

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