Halloween festivities

Last night Jared and I celebrated Halloween with my sister, Celeste, and her husband, Matt. They made some delicious chili and cornbread at their house, and then we went to our house where we had pumpkin chocolate chip bars (pictured below) and homemade caramel sauce that I put in a fondue pot for dipping cut apples. The caramel sauce was a little tricky without a candy thermometer, but the directions I had from this awesome cookbook were really specific. We had a few trick or treaters (which Jared insisted on scaring every time he opened the door) and watched an old scary movie on tv. We finally turned off our porch light at about 9pm when the trick or treaters transitioned into roughly the age of our peers dressed in all black (and ungrateful about the candy selection we had left). Anyway, it was a really fun night and so awesome to have my sister live so close!

PS My due date is exactly two months from today! Ah!


I miss the old halloweens with celeste and elizabeth. there are some awesome photos out there somewhere.

yummm that looks delicious!did you dress up as anything?teen mom perhaps?

All the food was so delicious. What a great way to spend Halloween. I’m so glad you live close now.

Great! I need a new cookbook. Did you guys ever use the one my sister & I gave you for your wedding?Sounds like fun too. Halloween rocks & I can’t wait to see your baby boy!

that caramel dipping sauce in the fondue pot for apples is such a fun idea!

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