Cute + funny looking= funny looking

Jared says he’s worried our kid is going to be funny looking- and yet he admits that he was a cute kid. I’m no mathematician, but I’m pretty sure that leaves only one more person in the equation. Now why would he be so worried? I’m pretty sure this picture of me below has haunted his dreams.


Laughing out loud. Liz, you were the craziest. It think it was you that coined the phrase, “Lampshade look,” when refering to your own hair. I love that I knew you at this stage of life.

I’ll admit that I have no experience with naturally curly hair however, I will say this much for Liz…she’s always liked herself! Honestly, I think that picture was taken after running into the church in the rain.

kendra, the thing that is scary is that mine wasn’t a perm. my hair was naturally terrifying like that. I also had a mother who liked to brush out my curls to give it more ‘body’

Jared – all babies look weird. We all pretend they are cute, but they aren’t, not for awhile.

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ha ha. i think that i had that same perm. it wasn’t pretty.

first of all, i think liz was SO cute as a kid; the picture she used as reference was when she was in her awkward teen years so that doesn’t count. she was totally cute as a baby.but that’s all beside the point – i just said i was nervous about if our kid looked funny or something, i always hear about kids who get injured during child birth or whatever, that’s what i said i’m nervous about.

Wait a second. So Jared admits he was a cute kid? I want to know how the conversation went where Jared finally relented and admitted he was a cute kid. Did you show him a bunch of pictures and after all the irrefutable evidence he finally said “Ok, ok, I’ll admit it, I was a pretty cute kid.”Radical.

Abe wanted to know what was funny:) Jared should not worry. You are adding a lot to the gene pool.

My husband was worried about the same thing. I believe his exact quote was, “I’ve seen your baby pictures. You’re not bringing much to the table.”

I want you to have a kid that looks just like a little Liz! You were so cute in a wild kind of way.

I’m sorry Jared, but I just don’t see what you are so worried about. Liz looks…well I’ll just say: Our girls all turned out amazingly cute and…look at their parents.

That photo is AWEsome. I don’t know what Jared has to worry about. 🙂

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