Christmas Party

I love Christmas parties. We’re having a little Christmas party this year like we have the past three years (since we’ve been married). It sounds a little insane to have it this year, seeing as I’ll be a couple days shy of full term, but with our new house that a lot of people haven’t seen and construction finally done, it really is time to celebrate.
Here are the invitations I designed and printed on the gocco screen printer. The white ink was getting old and didn’t print as well as I would have liked, but besides that I was pleased with how they turned out. I’m excited for our party. It’ll be very similar in terms of food to the one we had last year (details here).


i don’t think i’ve ever been as excited to get this in the mail.

i almost asked you to make mine, but i didn’t dare. next year please!

oh really the spin dip is good there? what about the crap dip? is it any good? haaaaaaa. trina! i like your thinking. what about some slippers or gloves? i need some for this frigid weather

If your going to Trader Joe’s just get their spinach dip—it’s good.

oh you meant crab dip? the crap dip sold me, i may not use your menu after all.

It all sounds sooooo wonderful. Your menu sounds perfect. You could add potatoes if you wanted, new potatoes steamed with butter and chives/scallions, or if you can find tiny ones roasted with olive oil and salt. But I don’t think you need to add anything, it sounds great.

liz has spinach dip and crap dip listed on the menu – i don’t like to eat spinach OR crap, BUT i know liz’s cooking so if she says it’s going to be good, i believe her. BRING ON THE SPINACH AND/OR CRAP!

For the suggestion, I would add something light and vegetabely to balance it all out- everything you have there is so rich and delicious. it might be a little much for one stomach to hold.

so cute! can i just copy your menu for my holiday entertaining?

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