Bad blogger

Sorry I’ve been such a bad blogger. Our computer is still broken at the house and so blogging requires much more effort (i.e. using a computer at my sister’s, the library, or jared’s work). Although it does have its perks occasionally. At the public library I got a sicko busted for looking at porn (library cop escorting him out and all). It was pretty exciting. Jared suggested I wear my super hero outfit next time I go to the library.
The work is pretty much done at the house. Here is picture of our new stairs (where the laundry area and broom closet used to be- the before picture looking at the same spot here). I’m glad things are almost done because I’m at my wits end living in a construction zone.

Below is my new pregnancy uniform: Jared’s dress shirts. Perfect with a thin belt and rolled up sleeves. Thank you for sharing your clothes with your larger than life wife, Jared. Oh, and thank you Kendra for the tip about the dress shirts and the bassinet she gave to mr. peanut (pictured below with her adorable Stella).


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