Baby shower for Mr. Peanut

This past Saturday one of best friends from college, Michelle, threw me a baby shower. It was fun to have so many different people from my life there: immediate family, extended family, friends from college, friends from growing up in NY and friends from living in NY and NJ the last few years. Michelle did a really good job of making it fun but not filled with silly games (those can get old really quick). She had a little onsie station where people could decorate and personalize their own onsie for mr. peanut with iron on designs and lots of fabric. They were all so cute. There was another station where people could glue together different features on pieces of paper to guess what mr. peanut will look like. Those were hilarious. There was also a bowl for name suggestions. It was so perfect! Here are a couple pictures:

Friend from NJ Buffy, Sister Becca, and cousin Jeanette putting together pics of mr. peanut

My sister Celeste really likes ironing onsies

Here are some of the onsies people made. Aren’t they adorable? I think I walked away with close to 20 personalized onsies. It was such a cute idea.

Here’s an example of one of the pictures put together by my sister Becca


hahahi wish i could have been there(and good job on the lil’ peanut, becca)

It was fun to throw! I love that you love close enough we can do things like this now!

Wow, what great ideas for an awesome baby shower. Wish I could have been there!

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