28 years

Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to meeee- heeee,
Happy birthday to me!


happy late birthday Liz!! How do i get one of those stocking birthday balloons? Kinda like the commercial with the Arby’s sign floating above their head.

Happy happy birthday! Maybe someday when I actually get to meet you I will give you a present. 🙂

Liz, I have to tell you that I took a journal out to school that used to belong to you when you were aged 7-11, and there is the cutest entry from your 8th birthday, 20 years ago.

happy birthday LiZ!!!!!!!! see my blog for more birthday wishes.

it’s true about the birthday balloon. it’s also true that when western rebel’s kids turned around, I ate their fries.

Today at Red Robin a balloon floated out of nowhere and attached itself to Liz’s head. It continued to circle her the entire lunch. She told my kids it was a birthday balloon that was there when she woke up today and had been following her all day.May birthday balloons follow you all day, Liz!

I hope you are having a cake as beautiful as the one in the picture. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday! I always forget you are a whole year younger than me, so unfair. Enjoy the end of your 20’s!!

Hospital? Check up?Happy Birthday Liz!! You’re so young!!

mom, don’t you think my number ONE fan would have made sure to comment first? haha. Thanks 🙂

What a joy you are in our lives. We LOVE you so much. Good luck at the hospital today.

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