Z is for Zachary

One of my very best friends, Brooke, gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby boy a week ago named Zachary. I am so excited for her, especially since losing her precious twin girls who were born stillborn in December. I did my first cloth gocco project for her this week on onsies. The quality wasn’t as good on cloth but I think they turned out cute. The lines aren’t as clean as I’d like. I like the red and black ones the best. I had extra space on the gocco screen to burn a smaller image that I used to make some stationery (just in case Zachary learns how to write soon).
Congrats Brooke!!!!


Thanks “auntie” liz!! Zachary LOVES his onesies and can’t WAIT to fit into them! (he’s still too small for 0-3 but give him a few weeks he’s gaining fast!). I love the stationery too and even though Zachary might not be able to write on it, I think it will be great for some thank you cards we owe people!

Lucky Zachary. The prints are darling. And it’s so great that Brooke has her baby here.

you need to sell those! i LOVE the idea, you are so creative!

Those are so cute. What a fun machine to have.Congrats to Brooke and Aaron!

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