Three years with Jared

Three years ago today, Jared and I were married. I am the luckiest girl in the world and these last three years have been the best of my life. Jared is the most amazing husband- the qualities that make him so are probably similar qualities that many of you seethat also make him an amazing friend, brother, uncle, etc. which include (but are not limited to):

1. Always putting others’ needs before his own and being very sensitive to others’ needs (often when he sees a baby crying in church, he offers to help out the parent even if he doesn’t know them). He is always the first one to lend a helping hand to a stranger.
2. His awesome sense of humor. Jared is hilarious and makes me laugh all day long. Not sure? Remember this post?
3. Adventurous and spontaneous. We have done more cool trips the last three years than I think I have done in the rest of my 25 pre-Jared years combined. Check out his flickr page.
4. Passionate and enthusiastic about everything he does (my nickname for him is Mr. Enthusiasm). He can get you to pee your pants in excitement about eating cornflakes for breakfast.
5. An incredibly hard worker with amazing talents in all sorts of things, whether he has a degree in them or not. People come to Jared for advice in all sorts of career fields he has no degree in and he knows just what to say to help them. There are at least 5 careers I can think of right now that he could be really successful in.
6. Hands down, he is better with kids than any woman or man I know. This is a pretty bold statement and I’m standing by it. He can make any kid happy and can entertain them for hours (even without a purple dinosaur suit).

7. I think his modeling shots speak for his devastatingly good looks themselves.

He will be the most amazing father in just a couple months (I can’t wait!!!!).

I love you Jared, Happy Anniversary!!!


Dear Liz and Jared, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY on the 1st! (See I got it right!) We agree with everything that you said about Jared. There is no one in the family that doesn’t just adore Jared and YOU. That goes for the extended family as well. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

You guys are meant for each other! I’m so glad you brought Mr. Enthusiasm into our fam!

Wow I love you guys!You’re so cute and the BEST couple everI know for a fact that you’re going to be awesome parentsand your kid is going to have the BEST AUNT EVER!no doubtLove you and happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary! I agree he is the best with kids!!! You guys are both awesome.

i think you guys are both awesome, and you are so great together. Happy Anniversary to you both, have a wonderful day.

Happy Anniversary, Liz and Jared. You are both AWESOME. Love you.

Liz, I’m SO THANKFUL that he has you!!! Happy Anniversary to you both.

often when i’m being a boob, danika tells me to just “be happy like you are when jared’s around.” liz, thanks for making jared an even happier guy. ranger is going to be one lucky kid.

Liz, Jared is awesome. I really wanted to go to your wedding & I was so bummed I couldn’t go. He was one of only 3 friends I had that went to my lame first wedding. He’s a true friend.I can’t believe that was 3 years ago already & I can’t wait for your little bambino.

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