Third Trimester

This week marks my entry into the third trimester. It’s starting to get hard to find clothes to fit into, sleeping positions that are comfortable and graceful ways to pick things up off the floor.
I can only imagine it will get worse from here on out until some time around New Years Day, my due date.


yeah can you bring those back when you come out in a few weeks?

You look as pretty as a picture. If I were a painter, I would want to paint that photo.(Did someone already say that?)

That’s my lil’ nephew!I felt him kick the other day- lucky me =)Very pretty liz!p.s. have fun frolicking in the momo

You are gorgeous! I miss you on the east, but I’m sure that you are loving SLC. Say hi to your wonderful hubby for me. By the way, what is your address?

ha ha yeah i’m starting to feel gross looking but luckily i have momo dresses to hide most of it!

You look great! Take lots of pics now so you don’t end up like me– fat faced, puffy footed, double chinned and big nosed and realizing you have no cute pregnancy pics to put in the baby book!! (and yes, seriously your NOSE will get bigger! its sick!)

Now it gets into little inconveniences like turning sideways to go through a narrow door and realizing that you’re not skinnier sideways. Beautiful photo of somebody’s mother.

awwww… cute!!!! you look stunning, seriously. getting to sleep was all about pillows for me- i think that i had like 5 by the end. can’t wait to see you guys.

Liz, you totally suck. You still look pretty. I’m looking gross..

You do look amazing! What a cute outfit!Try breathright strips if you have a hard to sleeping because of breathing. They work great.P.S. Do you guys get to go to the conference center now that you’re so close? We had our stake conferences there & it was awesome.

Liz, you look so beautiful! it looks like a professional portrait or something.on a side note, I’m anxiously awaiting your blog entry on Conference…haha

You look great Liz. So exciting the countdown begins. I think God makes sleeping harder in the last few months so that you are ready for some sleepless nights to come when the baby comes.

wow. you really do look great. it only gets worse from here. but then you get a baby and that’s good.

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