It was a little fuzy but I’m pretty sure that the missionaries in Hoboken have walked in on liz doing this exact same production…am I wrong?

i think she might be doing a C3P0 impersonation instead of charlie chaplin

wow. i don’t even know what to say.maybe she should be a guest choreographer on next season’s “so you think you can dance?”

becca, the dance. the charlie chaplin dance moves in the middle.

We watched this on The Soup last night & I thought it was a joke.Chia…I remember Mr. Brickey but only “up on the housetop” & stuff like that.Liz…I too played the clarinet.

wait, I just watched it, there was no Charlie Chaplin???

did anyone else learn that song from mr. brickey in 6th grade? my favorite part was when he’d make up words to the song and sing them as he directed us.

I watched the whole thing, couldn’t you almost see the stormtroopers attacking?

Fantastic. I hope the judges appreciated a laser shot from a Trumpet.

okay people, first of all you guys need to watch the whole thing. secondly, i’m pretty sure i had that exact hair style in 5th grade (and i’ve been suffering emotionally ever since). Good thing i was playing clarinet and not trumpet.

wow… i almost gave up. i am really glad i stayed for charlie.

that is crazy-wierd stuff—I think I lost some brain cells after watching that one

k8 did you at least get to the charlie chaplin part? i think that’s my favorite part, but it’s only my favorite if i watch the starwars part first…

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