Moo-moos to the rescue

Okay so I don’t have much credibility yet since I’ve only started getting big but here is one trick I’ve learned so far for maternity dressing that has seriously saved me:
Moo-moo dresses (Or tunics. Or sweater dresses). It’s all the rage right now and luckily it’s the perfect way to comfortably move around (Homer Simpson wore them in the King-Size Homer episode when he became obese. nice). I usually add a high brightly colored belt right below the chest so it’s not too tent-like and shows some shape. They are perfect to wear with maternity leggings or over skinny jeans with some fall flats. You can wear turtlenecks under them and long open shawl-sweaters over them (like this one or this one) for colder weather.
Old Navy has saved me. I bought a couple of these dresses, that now are only $6.97! They actually had more selection in the store where I went so I would recommend going to check it out. This red one right below I was wearing in green in the portrait picture jared took.

The striped black and white one

The grey one

The red one

The sweater one ( okay this one is $30, but it’s perfect for winter)

The best part it that you don’t have to shop in the maternity section.


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