Lessons learned month 1

So we’ve been here for a little over a month and have learned a few things in that time about living in Salt Lake City, Utah:

1. Baby clothes are an acceptable form of currency on Salt Lake’s Craigslist
2. Everyone has fresh produce or knows someone that does.
3. It’s much harder to play the pregnancy card here (and no designated spots for pregnant woman at the grocery store!)
4. Cashiers are really nice, but sometimes in a creepy way.
5. Neighbors throw potluck block parties for new residents.
2. RC Willey sucks
3. Customer Service at RC Willey does not appreciate expletives describing how much they suck and will hang up on you if those are expressed.
4. ‘Vogue’ magazine is considered offensive enough that the covers are hidden in grocery store isles with plastic coverings.
5. Residents think that they ‘own’ the street parking spot in front of their house and will put 3 typed up signs on your car in a 24 hour period insisting you move from ‘their’ spot (okay so maybe that’s just our one crazy neighbor).
6. Residents of the Avenues pride themselves on:
a. Not living in Utah County (this was actually brought up in sunday school)
b. Not being Mormon
c. Paying too much for their old home
d. Being a liberal and a hippie- and thinking they’re the only one
e. Doing construction on their house without the appropriate approval from the historic
district (our one neighbor does his work in the middle of the night to avoid snoopers)
7. Making homemade Christmas decorations is a common featured story of morning news on TV
8. Awesome movies on tv. Every day. All day.
9. The nearest Target is 25 minutes away (boooooo)
10. The nearest Mormon temple is 2 minutes away. The next nearest is 20.
11. I have not been in one traffic jam since I’ve moved here. Not one.
12. Dry cleaning only takes one day here- instead of a week.
13. It is really hard to find a place to eat on a weekend night without a long wait.
14. There are no apple picking orchards 🙁
15. Haunted houses!! 🙂
16. NY doctors/midwives go overboard on genetic testing during pregnancy compared to their Utah counterparts. My midwife here was shocked at how many tests they did in NY for random diseases.
17. Funeral potatoes= so yummy
18. Funeral raspberry jello with layers of carrots, pretzels and cream cheese= so gross to think about but kind of yummy if you don’t think about it
19. Awesome bakery sections at the grocery store.
20. Late night walk in medical clinics! WHY don’t they have these back east?
21. Comcast employees will do anything for money and popsicles (see here)
22. People really work 9-5 here


Ahhh, Utah–Sounds exactly like the freak show that it is.

very true! love it! I live in good-o Utah County but my friend lives in the Avenues and has a similar assessment.

the mall in ogden had pregnant parking. htey always have two facing eachother. once I parked in one and the other one in front of mine had two males in their twenties eating lunch while. I watched them looking all nervous and trying to avoid eye contact while they watched me struggle to get out of the car and wrestle my toddler out as well. I hope they loved their lunch spot.

i’m too grossed out by the jello-cream cheese-pretzel-carrot statement to remember anything else on your list. ew.

that is the best summation of salt lake i have ever heard from anyone! hope you are having fun even if you can’t get special pregnancy perks.

They are supposed to be building a Target downtown somewhere by the Gateway…just to let you know.And, I really think you guys need to go down on main street at 10 o’clock. They do the news live & I always watch just to see if someone does something funny in the window. Please??

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