Baby clothes as currency

Thought I was kidding?
Look at all these cute baby boy clothes (plus cash) in exchange for a lighting fixture we were going to throw out that came with the house.

The story is kind of funny. We had two lighting fixtures for sale on craigslist. A lady came over to buy one and noticed the other one that was more expensive (it had a ceiling fan attachment). She emailed the next day and said that although she couldn’t afford our asking price, she did notice I was pregnant and would we accept some of the cash plus some really good quality baby boy clothes for the fixture. Why not, I couldn’t wait to get rid of that fixture sitting in our front room and we hadn’t had any other offfers. She came over with bags and bags- already sorted according to season and size. They are all in really good condition too and expensive brands, a lot of them hardly look worn. Perhaps she should have bought cheaper baby clothes back then so she could afford lighting fixtures now….. oh well, it works for me!
Yeah for SLC’s craigslist!


What a deal! The universe has a lovely way of providing doesn’t it!Can’t wait to start seeing baby pictures here….

who would anonymously collect clothes for me? reveal yourself, anonymous. and then hand over your collection of baby clothes, please

I don’t think you’ll be needing the clothes I’ve been collecting for you. Know anyone else having a boy?

What a deal!Come on Jared…you’ll let everything slide when you first lay eyes on him.

Your pictures in recent posts have improved drastically. I’m impressed with your skills. Have you been using an actual camera instead of your phone?

Very nice barter. I wonder what you’ll purchase with these clothes when Little Stanley is through wearing them.

I’m going to start carrying old baby clothes in my purse.

ha ha. just wait till you see how cute he looks in them. would you rather they be floral?(ps they retail for $40- so at least we’ll look rich)

no son of mine is going to be wearing those sharky shoes.

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