$5 Chair

I found this cute little leather desk chair at the thrift store last week for $5. I think it will be really nice with a modern desk like this one and a pretty lamp like this or this. I can’t wait to finish construction so I can set things up and get ready for mr. peanut (who now weighs about 3 lbs!). We start finishing work this week!
The other great thing about this chair? It spins really fast.


yeah i’m kicking myself about that desk. i saw that exact one at downeast home a few weeks ago for half the price. i hesitated a couple days and when i went back, it was gone. booooo.

What a neat chair! I love it.Oh, and I sat next to your cousin, Ben Ricks yesterday at church.Hope all is well!

Mr. Peanut (or Ranger) will love the spinny chair. He will also like that it is on wheels.

Liz! I love love love the chair (you know how I am about great deals). The desk, on the other hand, doesn’t seem very practical. There’s only one little drawer!

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