Portrait in our first home

Jared’s mom, Donna, took this picture Sunday afternoon when they stopped by to visit.

PS Yes, Jared is glowing from a weekend in Jackson smelling happiness
PPS Remember that red chair?

We’re off to Southern Utah for a few days before Jared starts work officially on Monday. Today he timed his commute to work via bike: 9 minutes. How awesome is that.


Logunns…I was also thinking about Havasupai.We should plan a big trip to Havasupai. I bet tons of people would go.

shayne the commute TO work is downhill…the commute FROM work is 16 painful minutes.

We’re so jealous! Your home is beautiful, I love the red chair (well worth the wait), and Jared indeed looks like he’s been huffing the happy.

Nothing says “family photo” quite like a pair of faded camo cargo shorts!

I love the red chair. We’re waiting for our chance to get to hang out with you guys. I was just thingking about you guys yesterday because I was writing about Havasupai. Have fun in SG.

Liz – do you have a giant picture of YOURSELF on the mantle?

You should do a family portrait every year Top Model-style, except instead of disappearing, children will magically appear in the picture! Jared, get to work on it.

Awesome unless I am Jared’s co-workers that must smell him. Computer geeks are always smelly though so ride on J.

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